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Guide to Santorini, Greece

Santorini , or it’s official name of Thira, is a volcanic Greek island in the southern Agean sea. Santorini is known for it’s gorgeous views, stunning sunsets, angelic white buildings, beautiful beaches and dramatic cliffside town of Fira.

Top reasons to visit Santorini

Beautiful sunsets

Relaxed Mediterranean seaside life

Quaint old towns of cycladic buildings

Boat tours and scuba diving in the Agean

Main areas of Santorini


Perched alongside the cliffs, Fira is the main old town famous for many stunning sunsets and panoramas


Famous archeological site


A beach with distinctive black pebbles


Perhaps the most famous part of the island, owing to it’s delightful sunsets and charm


Small village with a beach


Small rock village with Church of St Ann, and buildings cut from a ravine.


Traditional village with several cycladic churches


The island’s highest point, with a picturesque monastery


Good Greek fish taverns amongst nice beaches


Village on nearby island, with daily excursions to the Kameni (volcano) island

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When to go to Santorini

Santorini’s season starts in early April, to coincide with the Greek Orthodox Easter and warmer weather. Peak season is between April and June, or September to October. Off season is from December to March, as the weather is colder so businesses tend to close.

5 Santorini experiences

  1. The natural beauty of the landscape and sunsets
  2. Intriguing countryside, such as cave houses, gardens and vineyards.
  3. Santorini is famous for weddings and extremely popular for honeymoons
  4. Boat excursions to visit the other islands, (Nea Kameni) volcano and springs (Palia Kameni)
  5. Beautiful secluded beaches, each distinctly different e.g. black pebbles, sands, red rocks

Top Attractions in Santorini

  • ancient Fira
  • Caldera Cruise
  • horseback riding in Exo Gonia
  • Volcan wines and museums
  • Black Beach
  • Akrotiri
  • Faros Lighthouse
  • scuba and snorkelling

Shopping in Santorini

Shopping is not a major pastime in Santorini, although as one of Greece’s most prominent wine regions there are many vineyards, which have a special designation of status from the European Union.

Eating in Santorini

No visit to Santorini is complete without trying the local delicacies, such as:-

  • keftedes - fried tomato balls
  • gyros - delicately spiced meat in pitta bread
  • aubergine - white eggplant
  • stuffed vine leaves
  • fresh local fish
  • cherry tomatoes, which are famously sweet

The best areas to eat in Santorini are the small family-run seaside tavernas, as the larger more commercial venues can prove to be expensive.

Nightlife and Entertainment in Santorini

Santorini is famed for it’s relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle and sunsets, so the best places to relax are local taverns, which may occasionally play local live music.

Vineyards are also another option, which offer evening entertainment alongside meals after a day’s touring. has the best hotel deals in Santorini, Greece - cheap hotels at the lowest prices.

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