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Hotel Venezia Piazza 27 Ottobre, 91 , Mestre From $90
Hotel Centrale Piazzale Donatori Di Sangue 14 , Mestre From $41
Hotel Garibaldi Viale Garibaldi 24 , Mestre From $63
Hotel Ca' dei Barcaroli Via Forte Marghera, 63/65 , Mestre From $86
Hotel Apogia Sirio Venice Via Circonvallazione 109 , Mestre From $78
Swiss International Venice Michelangelo Hotel Via Forte Marghera 69 , Mestre From $94
Hotel President Via Forte Marghera, 99/a , Mestre From $126
Elite Hotel Residence Via Forte Marghera 119 , Mestre From $112
Hotel Aaron Via Felisati 187 , Mestre From $89

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