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Guide to Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto was the capital of Japan for over a millennium, and is often regarded still as it’s most beautiful city.

Top reasons to visit Kyoto

Kyoto has a (slightly) hidden inner beauty, not just in the temples and parks, that’s ripe for deeper exploration.

Visit on one of the many UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Saiho-ji (moss gardens) or Tenryu-ji (the main temple of the Rinzai Buddhism).

Take part in Japanese Tea Ceremony

Main areas of Kyoto

Kyoto’s numerous palaces, shrines and temples are spread out over five districts:-


Site of Nijo Castle and the Imperial Palace, with the southern end being overshadowed by the new massive glass and steel gateway of Kyoto Station.

Western Koyoto/Arashiyama

Set in the beautiful tree-covered hills of Arashiyama, this district has abundant natural wonders and historic sights.

Eastern Koyoto/Higashiyama

Set between Higashiyama’s temple-studded mountains and the Kamo River, one can find the famed geisha district of Giona and the Philosopher’s Path.

Northern Koyoto

Location of several World Heritage Sites , centuries-old shrines and temples, along with the magnificent gilded pavilion of Kinkaku-ji.

Southern Koyoto

This district covers the largest part of Koyoto, stretching from Oharano in the west to Fushimi-ku, Daigo and the southern tip of Higashiyama-ku.

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Top Attractions in Kyoto

  • Temples - Kiyomizu-dera, Ginkaku-ji, Heian Shrine, Kinaku-ji, Ninna-ji
  • Ryoan-ji Zen Garden
  • Katsura Imperial Villa
  • Saiho-ji
  • Nijo Castle
  • Tenryu-ji
  • Kamigamo Shrine
  • Fushimi Inari-taisha

Shopping in Kyoto

  • Department Store - Fujii Daimuru, Isetan
  • Kyoto Handicraft Centre
  • Market - Nishiki Market

Eating in Kyoto

Kyoto local delicacies include:-

  • sushi
  • noodle soup
  • ramen
  • katsu

Recommended restaurants include Gogyo, Inoda Coffee,Katsukura, Shichifukujin Ramen, Ganko Sanjo Honten, Hauff, Kurazushi, Care Bibliotic Hello!, Musasi Sushi, Tranq Room, Minoku, Matsuya, Hakata Ippudo, Honke Daichiasahi, Mishimi-tei and Donguri.

Nightlife and Entertainment in Kyoto

  • Bars - Pig and Whistle, K-ya, The Flying Keg, Beer Komachi, Nikki’s Bar, Hub, Gekkeikan, Fishbowl, Rub a Dub Kyoto, Uotami, The Gael Irish Pub, Dug Out, Ringo, Bungalow
  • Cocktails - Sugar Trip
  • Coffee - Salon de the Francois, Shijo Kawarmachi, Kyoto Travellers Inn
  • Clubs - Kobe Cappuccino Club, Butterfly
  • Sake Bar - Yoramu
  • Karaoke - Jumbo Karaoke Hiroba
  • Museums - Kyoto International Manga Museum, National Museum of Modern Art, Hosomi Art Museum, Kyoto National Museum
  • Theatre - Kanze Kaikan Theatre, Minami-za, Gion Corner Theatre, Kanse Kaikan Noh Theatre, Gion Kaburenjo Theatre, Oe Nogakhudo

Book a hotel today in Kyoto, Japan - find your hotel deals here, as we specialise in cheap hotels in Kyoto, Japan.

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