Each hotel's amenities and room features are listed on the hotel details page. To make sure you only view hotels with certain amenities, filter your search by clicking the check box for the features you prefer. For additional special room preferences, it's best to book by phone.
Yes. You can book up to eight rooms in a single transaction.

Please refer to the hotel description for specific needs, or alternatively contact the hotel.

We cannot guarantee that a room with your requested options will be available.

We will send you an email confirmation after you've completed your booking. You should receive the confirmation email generally within 15 minutes, although it may take up to several hours for you to receive the confirmation email. It's worth checking the spam folder in your email to make sure your confirmation email was not blocked. You may need to add this web site to your "allowed" senders list to receive confirmation emails and information regarding future bookings.
You can easily make the reservation for them online - just enter the name of the guest checking into the hotel and a phone number for the guest while traveling. You will need to provide the guest's email address so they receive their email confirmation.

There are several reasons why this could happen:

If we don't have rooms available for the dates you want, the hotel may not show up in your search. You may want to try your search again without dates.

If you use the filters on the Search Results page to narrow your preferences, it's possible that you have filtered that hotel out of the listing.

Or you could be searching for a hotel for which this web site does not have negotiated rates.

The best way to find a specific hotel is to filter by hotel name after performing a search in your desired location.

Pet policies vary by hotel. If the hotel you are seeking to book shows as "Pets Considered," please contact us for further assistance.
Please contact us via the contact details on the site.
Generally, confirmations are sent within 15 minutes of booking, although sometimes it can take a few hours to receive the confirmation email. You may need to add this site to your "allowed" senders list to receive confirmation emails and information regarding future bookings.
Please go to the Customer Service page and follow the guidelines to contact us.

Changes and Cancellations

You may cancel your booked reservation by using the link on the Customer Service page or via the link on your confirmation email.

Find the reservation you would like to cancel and click the "Cancel Your Reservation" option below that reservation. You will be taken to a page that shows the details related to this reservation. A confirmation message will appear, and your cancellation confirmation will be emailed to you.

The best way to modify your reservation is to call us. Our customer service representatives can help you find alternative room types, dates, or hotels to ensure your stay will match your updated needs.
We will process your refund immediately after you cancel, and you should see a credit on your billing statement within 30 days or less of cancelling your booking, or on your next billing cycle. If you do not see the credit after 30 days, call our customer service team.
Rates and availability are subject to change, so it is possible that the rate will be different from your original reservation.

Each hotel has its own change and cancellation policy which we are required to pass on. We provide the policy for each hotel in several places throughout the site. The easiest way to find it is on the "Description" tabs of the individual hotel, after entering your travel dates. You can also find the change and cancellation policy while making your reservation and in your email confirmation.

In order to offer the most competitive rates, some bookings have non-refundable terms so they are not eligible for a refund once purchased. The one exception is if you have purchased a travel insurance policy for your booking and the reason for your change is covered under that policy.

Please note that non-refundable reservations cannot be changed or modified; please check your reservation policy before making a change.

If you need to make a change after you’ve booked a reservation, you can view your hotel's change and cancellation policy in your confirmation email.

You may be charged a penalty fee by the hotel, depending on the cancellation policy for the booking. We recommend that you check the hotel's cancellation and late arrival policy. Please note: If you fail to notify the hotel about a late arrival, your reservation may be cancelled.
The easiest way to find the change and cancellation policy for the hotel room you've reserved is to consult your confirmation email. After locating your reservation, you can find the policy at the bottom of the page.


After you have made your booking, we will send you a confirmation email, which also serves as your receipt. Upon check-out, you will receive a receipt from the hotel detailing any additional charges you might have incurred throughout your stay.
We take the security and protection of your credit card information very seriously. If you suspect that an unauthorized transaction on your credit or debit card came through us you should contact your card-issuing bank or credit card company immediately to review the transaction.
We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club and Discover credit cards, as well as Visa Electron.
For certain hotels you will be charged at the time of booking. For other reservations, you will be expected to pay the hotel directly at the time of your stay. Please check on the booking details page or your confirmation email.
If you do not cancel your reservation within the specified cancellation period for the particular hotel that you booked, you may still be subject to change and cancellation fees that some hotels impose and require us to pass on. Cancellation policies do vary by hotel, so please carefully check your confirmation email for details related to cancelling or changing your reservation.


Some hotels offer airport transportation for their guests. To find out if your hotel offers this service, check the hotel details page under "Amenities." To reserve a shuttle or determine shuttle schedules, you will need to contact the hotel directly before your arrival. Please note that a surcharge for shuttle service may apply.

Hotel Address and Phone Number: After you have completed your booking, you will receive a confirmation email that provides the hotel's address. You will need to look up the hotel phone number. Please be aware that in some cases, the phone number provided will route to a general information number for the hotel chain. We recommend you use the local hotel number to ensure you are speaking directly to someone at the hotel property.

Hotel directions: If you access your itinerary online, locate and use the link to map/directions to the hotel. You may also want to view Google Maps for more detailed directions. If you are not sure how to get to your hotel, it's always best to call the hotel directly.

Distances to landmarks, if provided on your itinerary, are calculated in a straight line from the hotel’s location to the point of interest or airport and may not reflect the actual travel or driving distance.

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