Book Cheap Hotels - Earn Bitcoins - Support Charity Organizations - How do we support charities?

1. Everyone who books a hotel room on our website gets free Bitcoins.

  • The amount of free Bitcoins depends on the value of the reservation.
  • Each booking is settled one month after the date of leaving the hotel.

2. Once the reservation is completed, the user decides what to do with free Bitcoins. There are two options:

  • Sending Bitcoins to any BTC address
  • Donating the Bitcoin bonus to charity.

3. Bitcoins are distributed equally among all charity organizations which are cooperating with

  • Payments are made at the end of each month.


Month Total donation Shared between
2017 March 0.1237 BTC 6 Organizations
2017 February 0.1269 BTC 6 Organizations
2017 January 0.0396 BTC 6 Organizations
2016 December 0.1083 BTC 6 Organizations
2016 November 0.2486 BTC 6 Organizations
2016 October 0.1017 BTC 6 Organizations
2016 September 0.2766 BTC 6 Organizations
2016 August 0.3547 BTC 5 Organizations
2016 July 0.1304 BTC 4 Organizations
2016 June 0.0755 BTC 4 Organizations

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